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Our new CiVilaCom line of civil safety radio gear. Coming soon.

TalkLink and TalkLink Transitt is a new Radio over IP tool design as a plug-in for the Incident Management & Alerts System (IMAS) as a stand-alone app for mobile users and for use as a Radio over IP gateway. 

As a plug-in TalkLink is used to communicate with other users of the IMAS. TalkLink can be used in place of a two-way radio or integrated into a two-way radio such as a PEG civil radio system.

TalkLink Transitt is the smart phone app version of TalkLink and can be used to communicate with other Transitt and TalkLink users.  

Gateway Mode.  TalkLink Transitt can be configured in Gateway mode allowing it to act as a radio over IP gateway device.  When used with our Transitt Gateway package TalkLink and TalkLink Transitt can be connected to your new PEG or existing radio system allowing seamless integration between your radio system , mobile phone and devices and any PC running a popular web-browser such as Chrome, Chromium or Firefox.


TalkLink and TalkLink Transitt support five primary talk channels and five monitor channels.   The two top channels are shared (by default) among all TalkLink/Transitt users .  These two channels are known as "InterGroup" and "General Talk".   These two common channel allow information sharing between every organization, agency or group.  In most areas the "InterGroup" channel is connected to a radio gateway.   This means that when the InterGroup channel is used on TalkLink the messages will also go over the InterGroup radio channel nationally.

More information will be provided soon.