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Four Steps To A PEG System

  1. Determine radio coverage needs.
  2. Share you site locations with us.
  3. We obtain a PEG candidate frequency list from the FCC then assign the best suited for each portion of your radio system.
  4. We program ship the radios. You test and purchase the license.

You should be license within 20 days

Learn about IMAS

The Incident Management & Alerts Systems is the affordable solution for sending alerts to members but also managing incidents, keeping track of field units and much more!

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Scanner Authority

If you contribute or listen to online scanner feeds from your phone or computer consider using our friends at Scanner Authority. The open directory feed source.

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 PEG Civil Radio Systems

The unique PEG civil radio systems are designed specifically for civil groups, organizations or agency that needs a radio communications solution.

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Please complete the following form for access to the IMAS CAD demonstration version. We will then send you the usernames and passwords by email to enter the IMAS demo.


IMAS demo access is granted to one organization or group at a time.  This permits each group, organization or entity exclusive use of IMAS giving each, time to test and get a feel for IMAS.  The demo time duration is typically 1 week,  however more time can be made available if necessary.


We recommend checking out the IMAS information page before requesting access to the IMAS demo.  This will of course provide more information about IMAS to help better understand its features and capabilities. 


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