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Six Easy Steps To  PEG 

  1. Determine radio coverage needs.
  2. Share you site locations with us.
  3. We determine frequency needs and allocate accordingly.
  4. We obtain a PEG candidate frequency list from our FCC Coordinator.
  5. We program and send the radios to you for testing.
  6. Purchase final license for your group.

Learn about IMAS

The Incident Management & Alerts Systems is the affordable solution for sending alerts to members but also managing incidents, keeping track of field units and much more!

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Scanner Authority

If you contribute or listen to online scanner feeds from your phone or computer consider using our friends at Scanner Authority. The open directory feed source.

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 PEG Civil Radio Systems

The unique PEG civil radio systems are designed specifically for civil groups, organizations or agency that needs a radio communications solution.

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Thanks for taking the time to visit us.

We are excited to provide a different approach to civil radio communications and related support products. Our goal is to offer affordable. professional level radio communication and incident management solutions to individuals, groups and organizations for emergency preparedness, public service organizations, civil groups and similar applications with unconventional methods, when necessary.

Some of these groups may include:

  • Citizen Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
  • Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams (REACT)
  • Neighborhood Watch Groups
  • Emergency Preparedness organizations
  • Public Service and Disaster Agencies (American Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.)
  • Public Event coordinator teams
  • And many similar groups, organizations and agencies




Learn more about the new Incident Management & Alert System or IMAS.  The first affordable full featured computer aided dispatch software available to civil organizations, watch groups, emergency service volunteers or any group needing a platform. Designed to organization and manage incidents, responders, public and private alert notifications and much more in one of the affordable options in computer aided dispatch systems.   We think you'll find IMAS a breath of fresh air when comparing it to other CAD systems with several low priced subscription packages that place this unique platform in the reach of most civil groups and organizations.  Learn more about the IMAS system.  CLICK HERE.

Media Content

Vist the Media page for videos related to PEG radio systems, including installations, instructional "how to's" and much more!

"Don't have a clue where to begin with a civil PEG radio system?  Head over to the PEG "Getting started" page to get started.  If a phone conversation might be more to your liking.  I would be happy to spend some time answering your questions either by phone or email."  -Chris